About Us

Our founder is a proven leader in the retail industry. His business philosophy begins with and focuses on the customer. He firmly believes that understanding customer needs is paramount to the success of any business.

Founding The Business in 1990, he made his philosophy a reality by giving his customers exactly what they wanted: deep discounted prices on the widest range of office products in Canada. In October 1991, he and a group of independent investorsopened the first BUSINESS DEPOT location in Toronto.

The original plan was to open 25 Canadian stores during our first three years of operation, but our goals were suddenly revised when popular demand dictated that we open twice as many!

Over the next six years, 146 additional stores were launched under the Business and Bureau en Gros banners, and our name evolved to become our current Business in English Canada and Bureau en Gros in Quebec.

Is committed to meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers. We have modified our store format throughout the years to improve upon customer services and make the shopping experience an easier one. Change and continued process improvement is the norm for us and we pride ourselves on remaining sufficiently flexible in order to be able to adapt to any weather that the business climate sends our way.

By the end of 2002, 212 stores were operating from coast to coast in Canada, and had achieved worldwide sales of 11 billion, employing over 50,000 associates. As of mid 2006, we have launched a total of 266 stores across Canada, with many more to come.

Our philosophy today remains the same as it was in the beginning: to provide great service every day, in every way! Our talented team of associates continues to help us meet and surpass our goals.